Monday, October 27, 2008

Interview with Amory Lovins - Winning the Oil End Game

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What Can Save Us?

With all the focus these days on the crumbling economy, it makes me think what can we do about all of this?

Well the answer seems to staring us in the face. If we were to decide it was OK to spend say $100,000,000,000 (100 billion dollars) to better our society what can we do? You guessed it - save the economy by a massive new New Deal Program - building environmentally sustainable cities and upgrading the ones we have to be more sustainable. We would use this money to add the renewable energy systems, mass transit and bicycle paths, and support the inclusion of urban agriculture. If we spend the money now on these items it will help us dramatically in the longer term and not just focus on the "bailout of the week."

Friday, August 1, 2008

Some Basic Reasons We Need a New Energy Policy

Thank you to Keith Schneider, the Communications Director for the Apollo Alliance for this.

1. America can’t drill its way out of addiction to oil.
2. Efficiency and conservation are consequential pieces of a comprehensive energy strategy.
3. Scaling up wind, solar, geothermal, clean fuel made from grass, and other renewables reduces the triple-barreled risk to our security, economy, and environment.
4. New technology – especially in the development of clean next-generation vehicles, and in dramatically reducing CO2 pollution from burning coal for electricity – is essential.
5. These steps will produce a blossoming economy and millions of good jobs that people can count on, reduce the risk of climate change, curb the $700 billion a year bill for foreign oil, and dramatically improve national security.

The choice is clear and the sooner we all act on it the better our chances of making a smoother transition for all of us.

Lets do it......

Zev Paiss